Monday, March 21, 2016

Ocean Bulletin Board

And this is how it all went down:
Buy The GREAT STUFF and some acrylic paint.
Image result for spray foam insulation
Spray a mound for the octopus' head.
Bumps are good.  I added some "freckles" with a puffy paint for texture.

Spray some "legs" and coral reef-like arms:

Then paint the octopus and the reef any way you like:

 Attach the pieces to fit using anything you can.  It's all pretty light so this part is not difficult and neither is attaching the foam pieces to the wall board.  I simply used hot glue and long skewers (ones that I use for BBQ).  VIOLA!


  1. Wow! Great bulletin board. what kinds of materials did you use to make some of your ocean themed props?

  2. Looks awesome. Can you tell us how you did this? :)