Saturday, December 17, 2016

Autism Sensory Program

This program took a lot of prep, but was so gratifying to present.  All of the kids had their own timeline to follow along and knew exactly what was coming next, so the anxiety level of experiencing transitions was alleviated.  There were also fidget toys, quiet corner for those who got overwhelmed with sensory input.  We had the lights dimmed and the music softer than usual.  The parents were most involved in the Sensory program as they're used to being right in there with their kids.

So here are some prep details:
The room is set up for 10 kids max.  Any more and it would be difficult to run the program.
Lights are dimmed, volume turned lower than usual, name tags at the door.
Each child's space is set up with a personal time line so that they can follow along with the BIG timeline up front.  Giving them control of removing each activity as we do it reduces anxiety and lets them know what to expect next. The personal timelines are made with strong laminated paper and velcro.
Along with the timeline is a list of songs with images and a tangible "clock-like" weather game that goes along with the story we will read.  The children will move the "clock" to the different weather images as the book progresses.  THis allows them to stay focused on the story being read and participate.

At opening we introduce today's theme; weather.
After the "Hello" song we play a T-Shirt color game where we introduce each other and come up to the board to pin up our color shirt to the board.  The piggy-back song I use is "Mary HAd A Little Lamb", but change it to: Who Is Wearing Red Today.....etc.

OK, so the image is upside down, but you get it :)
Along with the book about weather, I have weather toys and at the end of the book I bounce the weather plush toys to the kids.  In this throwing game, we say out loud what weather pattern we are throwing around and they all try to catch it as I throw it.  I think this was their favorite activity!

I had to throw "Itsy Bitsy Sprider in the mix ;-)

And for the added activity, I had the children color a weather cutout to take home.  
(Parents received the magnet for the back of the rainbow to glue on later.)

Our Autism Storytime was a SUCCESS!

Presidential Election Story Time

That was a FUN one.  We chose to read a story about a giant pink squid who wanted everyone to vote for him as he was running to be president.
For the craft, we made wearable buttons with "Vote For Me" messages and wrote out why others should VOTE FOR ME!
With the election being all over the news, this one was enjoyable for parents as well as kids in many ways as it was very personal.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Library Program Advertising

Here is a sample of flyers, posters, logos and other library marketing that I've done using a variety of tools.  Most of these were also used on our TV screens and on FB.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Our seasonal photobooth is READY!

Some Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos Face Painting Fun

Also, for an added touch, I made some personalized Thank You for our volunteers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Portrait Drawing

Adults loved our portrait drawing class.  We had four weeks of one hour evening session in a relaxed atmosphere with cafe music in the background.  Instructions were provided as were short discussions, critiques and lots of one on one technique direction.