Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Reading


It's hot, it's sizzling and it's time to keep reading.  Here are a few ways to continue exploring the magic of reading through the summer months with your little ones:

- Attend Library Programs:  And while at the library, have your child choose a book that he or she enjoys.  If they choose the book, they’re more likely to read it

Read Together.  Take turns reading or talking about the pictures.  This stimulates learning and the love of reading in a deeper way and creates a bonding experience.

Read about Your Summer. If you’re planning a vacation, choose books that highlight the themes of your vacation, such as; summer, beach, pet, going to camp, etc.

Write. The ability to put down thoughts is just as essential as reading.  Start a journal and write about your reading materials or have your child draw from the story.

Join SRP. Join the library’s Summer Reading Program  and get incentives for something you already do!

Be an Example.  SRP is not just for children. Adults can get incentives, but most importantly, adults model behavior.  So if you read, your child will too.

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