Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Picture Books

   Picture Books!

Illustration is one of the oldest forms of communication. Drawings transcend language with their ability to tell stories.
With picture books, readers are able to focus only on the pictures and interpret the story visually.
Some people enjoy looking at images more than they enjoy reading while others are too young to read.  Picture books are the perfect way for people to share time together.  One way for a young child who is too young to read is to talk about the illustrations and explain what they see to a caring adult or to their sibling.  Telling stories is an essential pre-reading skill, which sprouts a child’s curiosity for reading, introduces them to the world of storytelling and builds character.  This type of reading also instills in them a love of language and improves literacy while sharing their imagination.
Pictures are magical!
For many, the life-long love of reading will start with a picture book.
Click on the titles below to request some of our favorite wordless books:
- See more at: http://www.hcpl.net/content/picture-books#sthash.C2LBJ52K.dpuf

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